Styles question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tony,

> Any particular reason the default style isn't drawn the same way?

Yes - since the default style has color=black (since in the 2D sense black is the default color for text or line drawings on a sheet of paper for example similar to the text that you are reading in this message right now), if surfaces were drawn in a black color, the display would look like this:

That's because the way illumination generally works, the full object color is displayed in areas of the highest illumination, then gradually goes to black in areas with less illumination hitting them.

When the surface color starts out as black, then that means it is black in the area of full illumination, so you can't really see the difference between illuminated and non-illuminated areas when that happens (as shown above).

To avoid that, there is a special case for surface colors, where if the style is set to pure black the surface color will use white instead.

- Michael