Styles question

 From:  -ash-
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Hi Michael,

>> If you want other edges to also be drawn in black, that setting that Danny shows above will do that now.

Yes I knew that one. But not what I was after.

>> Actually they don't - the edges get drawn directly in the style color (same as regular curves) without any
>> lightening applied to them. There is just an optical illusion that makes it seem like that since the surfaces
>> all around them get darker due to shading applied to them

I see - looks kinda odd though - very different from the default style. Any particular reason the default style isn't drawn the same way?

>> But maybe I can come up with some options that would let you set edges to be either
>> darkened or lightened from the base style color though, I'll take a look.

This would be great, thanks very much.

>> Are you certain you set the color back to black and not something like really dark gray,
>> which will behave different from pure black?

Okay, just tested this again (twice) making sure that I had RGB down at 0, and it works as expected. So I must assume that I had it set for dark grey. Sorry about that.


(aka HamSoles)