Styles question

 From:  Michael Gibson
2844.4 In reply to 2844.1 
Hi Tony,

> First, the default style has dark edges,

Actually the default style doesn't just have "dark" edges, it actually has black-colored edges.

If you want other edges to also be drawn in black, that setting that Danny shows above will do that now.

> new styles have light edges.

Actually they don't - the edges get drawn directly in the style color (same as regular curves) without any lightening applied to them. There is just an optical illusion that makes it seem like that since the surfaces all around them get darker due to shading applied to them.

But maybe I can come up with some options that would let you set edges to be either darkened or lightened from the base style color though, I'll take a look.

> If I change it back to black I expected it to go back to
> grey with black lines. But it doesn't. So I've lost my default
> setting for that file.

I can't seem to repeat this over here, can you please post a file that has this problem in it?

Are you certain you set the color back to black and not something like really dark gray, which will behave different from pure black?

- Michael