Styles question

 From:  -ash-
Hi Michael,

Not had a chance to play with styles up to now but, in general, I'm liking the new styles and lighting combination.

However, two things:

First, the default style has dark edges, new styles have light edges.

This looks weird to me - I would like them to be the same. Given a choice I would go for dark edges, given a better choice, an option for light or dark would be good.

Next thing:
If I change the default style to be something other than black, then it behaves like a new style. If I change it back to black I expected it to go back to grey with black lines. But it doesn't. So I've lost my default setting for that file.

These both seem a bit inconsistent to me.

So, any chance of getting a setting to choose between dark edges like the default style, or light edges as they are now, please.



(aka HamSoles)