V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.53 In reply to 2843.52 
Hi Danny, I'm not so sure about that - one thing is that boolean union is probably not such a great fit with that "target body" and "tool body" type distinctions...

Just sticking to "first selected object" seems like an easier system.

Also, by default MoI has a pretty simple system for determining the face result from a boolean - it just maintains the same styles on the input faces, possibly making a multi-style result. For example if you take a blue box and then boolean away a red sphere from it, you get a result that has both blue and red faces in it. The issue is about what to set as the style of the parent brep which may be used later on for determining which style to assign to newly created faces.

Also it looks like the choices you show there for "New Face Properties" would not allow for the kind of thing that PaQ was mentioning earlier, where it would be pretty nice if a fillet that was surrounded by all the same color faces would take on the same style.

For example something like these edges of a single solid:

When filleted could produce this result:

That seems to be a good goal.

- Michael