V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.43 In reply to 2843.37 
Hi PaQ,

> Do you thing is it possible to add some rules on fillet/chamfer
> command to avoid this kind of problem ?

Hmmm, well one idea I had was to have a setting for whether newly created faces inside of an existing object would have either the parent object's style applied to them (which is what currently happens), or the active style.

But either one of those methods will place all of the newly created faces on a single style.

The desired result you show there (which seems like a good goal) doesn't have all of the new faces on a single style.

That probably makes sense to look at adjacent faces and if a newly created face is totally surrounded by other faces that all have the same style on it, it can get that style applied to it. If there is a mixture, then it can use the parent object's style. The main remaining difficulty with that, is that there isn't any way in the UI currently to set the style of the parent object without also setting all of the sub-object styles at the same time.

- Michael