V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  PaQ
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Hi BurrMan,

>> I wonder what a popup in rhino, of all the available commands and scripts and such would look like?? :O

I'm not talking about a popup screen that list all the available commands inside MoI, that wouldn't make sence ... but just be able to build
a popup menu with my custom scripts or favorite commands ... some kind of quick access panel.

I mostly use shortcuts for every MoI's command allready, but for some extra scripts I don't use often enough, I just dont remind the shortcut ... for example, the pipe tool,
I always have to re-open my seetings/shortcut to remember on which key I mapped it 1 month ago.

I"m not asking for the 'list of all shorcuts/scripts available', or any pre-made shortcut list ...