V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  BurrMan
2843.3 In reply to 2843.2 
Hi Michael,
In the ini file Connect Points is written as COnnectPoints but it seems to launch the command. At the moment it doesnt seem to be working but I overwrote the new one with the one I used to have as I didnt know it was included (odd it didnt prompt me that I was overwriting it too). I also may be using it wrong, I will revisit the thread and review that.

I get an error when I type Merge at the command entry area also. Didnt have that in my old stored command folder so didnt overwrite anything. If I launch it with a keyboard shortcut, it works [EDIT]No it doesnt[EDIT], if I type at command entry, script debugger starts and then when I choose no, the command temporarily starts then quits.

I will do a default install and check both these things before I add my personal stuff to it and post back.