V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  BurrMan
2843.15 In reply to 2843.13 
Sorry Michael. I keep MoI on a USB stick also. I have Version June 23 installed on the computer I normally work on. It has been working fine. I just installed August release, and "ANY" command entered into the command area, by opening Moi and typing Tab+Command name, will produce this error And fail.

Not custom commands or anything.

All keyboard shortcuts work fine. If I launch any command with a keyboard shortcut, it works (Except ConnectPoints).

If I launch my MoI Version June 23 that is on my USB stick on a computer that has not had August install on it, Everything works as I expect. If I bring USB stick to computer that i just installed August release on, All Commands entered into the command entry area fail.