V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.13 In reply to 2843.9 
Hi Burr,

> Biut I just tested old and new versions with CopyClipboard and get same error.

Sorry, I'm not really understanding - do you mean Ctrl+C is not working for you?

It sounds like your shortcuts are all messed up, can you possibly post your moi.ini file here as an attachment so I can look at it?

> Stick in old USB stick and get error. Works on computer that
> I havnt installed new aug moi on.

I don't really understand what this means exactly either - you stick in a USB stick and then MoI shows an error?

What error is it?

Does it show right when you stick in the USB key? Or after you try a certain shortcut or something like that?

- Michael