V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.10 In reply to 2843.6 
Hi Burr,

> Michael, It actually is happening in my June23 release also now.

What is happening exactly?

Is a shortcut not working? If so can you please post exactly what you've got for the keyboard shortcut?

For ConnectPoints you need to copy the .htm and .js files over, and the command part of the shortcut should say: ConnectPoints

For Merge you don't have to copy anything, and the command part of the shortcut should say: Merge

Do you possibly have some extra stuff in the shortcut?

If your shortcut is messed up, then when it gets saved into the moi.ini file, it will then be messed up in the Jun-23 release as well since both releases are using the same moi.ini file to get their settings from.

I can't seem to repeat any problem with merge over here, I tried on a couple of different machines both by setting up a keyboard shortcut and also typing in the command name...

- Michael