Jewelry design tutorial

 From:  Jesse
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Thanks Michael,

I don't mean to bombard you with requests, but I really like working in MoI,
so I want it to do everything Rhino does, only better. :-) I can't imagine
what it takes to develop an app like this, but it must be keeping you busy!

I'm uploading another Wink movie, I haven't added text to it yet, but I think MoI's
shelling feature is such a great tool, I'd like to share how useful it is for
jewelry design.

The challenge with this model wasn't with MoI, it was finding a strategy to
make the prongs in the correct thickness and proportion without a lot of trial and error.
Maybe it's not a very precise method, but I'm not designing for NASA, it's only jewelry...:-)

Just to note- the first two curves serve as guidelines and the two points are used as place markers.
The model can be scaled a bit to fit various sized stones, but if the varience in size is major,
the basic parameters must be adjusted so that the prongs won't be too thick or thin.


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