ZBrush problem re-visited

 From:  Joe (JPITZ31)
Hello All,

I hate to bring up this topic again, as it is more than likely related to the way the polygons are unevenly spaced, but here goes.

I extruded my Chinese character and exported to .obj file using n-gons, weld on, shaded and edges, angle = 12.

I am using ZBrush 3.1 on a vista machine.

When I attempt to import the Chinese Love.obj (n-gons) into
ZBrush, ZBrush dies on the import.

When I Export with Quads & Triangles and the rest of the settings the same, the character imports, I turn off the SMT Smooth button, even though, 3.1 is suppose to fix this.

Then upon trying to smooth the edges, the character becomes very jagged. My question is what is causing ZBrush to hang on the n-gon export.

Would the n-gon export address the uneven polygons?

Also any suggested would be appreciated.

Enclosed are some files to test.



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