MoI under Crossover

 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
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Interesting that you got it to work in VMWare.

I have been trying several ways to get MoI to work on an Aspire One netbook (Linpus Linux = Fedora 8 more or less) without success.

I tried VirtualBox which did not work (forum message here: )

I was going to try Xen but I don't believe the Atom CPU is up to it from what I have read.

I tried Wine (1.1.9 from memory) and tried using genuine DirectX dlls and some other things. No joy.

I tried to get VMWare player installed but there are known issues with Fedora which require a patch. The patch did not work on the Aspire One :(

I'm next going to try installing XP to a USB stick and run from there.

Well done getting it to work with VMWare. What Linux, machine specs etc are you running?