MoI under Crossover

 From:  podperson
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I should go back and get you the error message. CrossOver installs IE and a bunch of other stuff for you by default, so the thing that killed me looked like a 3D-related DLL.

The beauty of Crossover is it could potentially let you release a Mac version of MoI3D without actually rewriting any of your code.

I have VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion (I'm angry at the Parallels devs so I refuse to upgrade Parallels). So far I've been using MoI on a Windows box, but I would love to be able to run it on my Mac under CrossOver or Wine.

For one thing Cheetah 3D works absolutely brilliantly with MoI's OBJ output (it's much less annoying than working with Blender, say -- at least until Blender's smoothing bug(s) get fixed).


The error I get is "unable to open oreans.vxd driver"


Looks like that was because I installed the trial version and oreans.vxd is some kind of copy-protection. I tried again with the actual installer and got an unhandled exception.

Oh well WMWare next :-)

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