MoI under Crossover

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi podperson - I think that CrossOver uses WINE rather than a full virtual machine type emulation system.

The last time I looked, WINE did not fully support several mechanisms that MoI uses like mshtml.dll and jscript.dll . MoI's UI is heavily based on those.

One of the "Virtual machine" emulators will work better for running MoI on the Mac, for example I have heard from several people who run it successfully with the current version of Parallels. So that's probably the best way to do it now.

You could possibly make some more progress on making it work in WINE by getting Internet Explorer installed through WINE as well, since that contains many of the DLLs that MoI is dependent on.

Some links:

But I would not be very confident that is going to work very well though.

- Michael