Helix is not always working.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2811.2 In reply to 2811.1 
Hi forge,

> This is what I am doing- (pick start of axis) pick point and
> left click: (pick end of axis) move arrow up to point and left
> click, if you right click next, the whole thing disappears.

Try switching to a different view for picking that 3rd point (the one where it says "Pick start radius and anchor point".

For example if you have drawn the first 2 points to define the axis in the front view, then switch to the top view for the 3rd pick and that should work a lot better.

After the axis is defined, MoI is asking you to pick a point for where the helix will start from. The start point will be on a plane that is perpendicular to the axis line.

That makes it somewhat difficult to pick if you stay in a view where you are looking directly at the edge of that plane.

If you switch to a different view you won't be looking directly edge-on to the plane that the point is constrained to be in, and the pick will be a lot easier to do there.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you are unable to make it work even after switching to pick the 3rd point in a different view and I'll try to make an illustration to explain it better.

You should not need to right-click at any stage except for the final "Helix options" one where you can right-click if you don't need to adjust the number of turns. (it's the same as pushing the "Done" button).

I can also see now that the UI is slightly messed up - there should not actually be a "Done" button visible except for on that final stage, I will see about tuning that part up.

- Michael