Wish: Additional OBJ export options

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi podperson,

> (b) material boundaries (can MoI v1.x handle materials?
> I haven't found this feature).

No, MoI v1 doesn't handle materials, that's a major new area that has been added in for v2.

In MoI v2 your option (b) is all set up - when you assign styles to different faces of a solid for example, when you export there will be materials assigned in the OBJ file to the polygons generated from those faces. So that means your material assignments are all set up and you can focus on adjusting the materials themselves (for colors, textures, etc..) rather than needing to do any splitting or other kinds of set up work.

That does depend on your target program being able to read material information from an OBJ file, but normally rendering programs are able to do that.

- Michael