Pocket feature

 From:  Michael Gibson
2805.2 In reply to 2805.1 
Hi andras, thanks for the feedback! I've added an entry named "Model repository / library mechanism" into the wishlist available here: http://moi3d.com/wiki/Wishlist

That will probably take quite a while before I will be able to work on it though.

> Moi's UI is getting better and maybe grown out the initial one.

You mean getting "bigger" ? But actually it has not outgrown the initial design at all - I put a lot of effort into the initial design specifically to handle expansion and new stuff added in the future.

For the early UI design I had a lot more tools (just buttons that did not do anything but for testing the overall feel) with many additional palettes, such as "Dim", "Render", "Analyze", etc...

As I add features into MoI, these will appear as new palettes on the side pane, but starting out collapsed. That will make them easy to access in a similar way to the current tools but not really take up much space if you don't need them.

So don't worry, it's actually not true at all that MoI has outgrown the current UI, it has a long way to go yet before it is actually all filled in and working as per the initial design!

> What about Sketchbook's or Artrage's UI systems ? I think easy
> to understand, fast, and inteligent.

Those ones are very nice, but do not have the same kind of expandability built in... If I were to switch to those systems, then the problem of outgrowing it would probably become an issue then. I think it would likely cause the problem you are mentioning rather than solve it.

- Michael