Nice bevel or radius on surface of Chinese characters

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Joe - I guess what you are kind of looking for is a sort of "bubble" or kind of "puffy" type effect where the text kind of raises up from the background?

MoI is actually not a particularly good tool to use for such things because they are not very easy to do with a structured drawing type approach. Things that are kind of a bit more randomly blobby just are not always a great match.

There are a set of programs called "2.5D" programs that are much more oriented towards doing this which are controlled by making an image and having gradient areas of the image correspond different heights.

See this previous thread for some discussion on that:

But there is also a free program called ZSurf which can produce a surface from a bitmap, which can then be loaded into MoI.

That would probably be the easiest way to approach this if I understand the kind of result that you want.

There is some more info on ZSurf and a download link here:

Here's a screenshot of what the result is of running your image (after sizing it down a bit, ZSurf can only go up to a max of 1600 pixels I think and requires .BMP format) through ZSurf and then loading it into MoI:

Is that the kind of result you are looking for? If it is, then this method would definitely be the quickest way to get there.

I've also attached a 3DM file of that result so you can load it into MoI to check it out.

- Michael