Nice bevel or radius on surface of Chinese characters

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Joe,
I had another idea that can be good to create a surface for the character shape.

You can use the array to path function and create the wall shape as you want, then do some curve trimming to clean up and reshape the areas that bunch together. In the real tight corners, you can do some extra ops like sweep and network with those generated curves to fill those in.

So, draw your profile on the path:

Then array on path:

Then move into these areas and work the curves to create a smooth transition here:

Possible trims....Lofts....Sweep....Networks.

THe other thing to remember is if you are camming many of these, a 3d toolpath will be a much longer more intense job. 2d operations are preferable when applicable. If you array enough around the path to match a step amount, you could use a profile operation to create the edge. (many small curves) Or you could then trim these generated curves in the front view, with a few different levels in the Z direction, then connect those trim points with a curve to generate multiple curve paths that follow that surface curvature. Then again a profile cut in the cam package.

Let me know if I didnt make sense and I can Illustrate better.

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