Nice bevel or radius on surface of Chinese characters

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Joe,

> I was just indicating that ZSurf will more than likely work.

That's good news because that's a lot less work! :)

When you use the ZSurf approach you don't draw any curves at all, it just takes the image directly.

The main download for ZSurf is here:

To use it with your character image, you need to resize the image to be less than 1600x1600 in width and height, and save it as a BMP format image (it needs to be saved as a full color image). Then it can be loaded into ZSurf, and when you hit the run button, it will cook up a file in the in the same folder as ZSurf4.exe named srf.igs - that file can then be loaded into MoI.

I think that you'll also need to hit the "invert" option inside of ZSurf, either that or invert the colors when you save them as a BMP file.

> Since I posted I have also been playing around with the
> Transform/Scale command as well.

Yeah scaling is different from offsetting. You can't produce an evenly spaced result just from scaling alone except in special cases like a circle.

- Michael