Nice bevel or radius on surface of Chinese characters

 From:  Joe (JPITZ31)
Thanks Michael for the idea on ZSurf. Producing surface maps is one of the things I need to do. My CAM program produces cut path information based on a surface map.

The goal is to have the top flat surface smaller than the bottom surface and then blend in between. BurrMan has a good idea. Is there a way in MOI that I can trace around the character, Copy the closed outline or outlines, then raise them along the Z axis (like the bathtub tutorial), shrink the copy(s) and then loft between the two or more character outlines. (Sorry thinking out loud) The only operation I would need help on would be the best way to shrink the copied outlines of the characters.

Unless there is a better way?

Thanks all for the quick feedback.


EDITED: 23 Jul 2009 by JPITZ31