Fillets and object size

 From:  nycL45
Hi Michael,

It was sticker shock, rush to optimize and "What did I do wrong this time?".

The basic frame referred to here is not at issue and that applies to most of what I produced with Moi. It has to do with the fillet and learning the more optimal export settings for the .obj ngons. With the latter, I re-exported some components at a lower and visually acceptable setting to bring sizes down.

So, it was the fillet I was in the dark about. In C4D, there is control with the fillet (Bevel) size and subdivision and thought perhaps there was a subdivision setting that I had missed with Moi. (Maybe in the future?)

Chamfer is the way to go, not as good, but the way in a lot of cases.

I did not answer your question, Michael: >But is there some particular reason why you are so concerned with the file size?>

The arched window assembly I did in Moi weighed in at 23 MBs and there are three of them plus other windows which could have totalled 100 MBs. They are now a bit smaller and I will do some more shrinking.



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