Fillets and object size

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Leonard, yes an increase in file size is a normal side effect that will happen when fillets are applied.

Fillets are small curved surfaces and to make detailed curved things requires a fair number of control points. If you use Edit/Separate on your model, you can pick the fillet as an individual surface and turn on control points for it and see that there are usually quite a few control points that define the fillet surface.

> Is there any advice on filleting objects in Moi without causing huge files?

Well, basically adding detail adds file size along with it.

If you want to reduce file size then you correspondingly need to reduce details as well.

One thing that can help quite a bit to reduce size with more complex models is to use a chamfer instead of a fillet, since the chamfer is flat in one direction rather than curved and it will not have as many points in it. And if it is in a small sized area often you can't really notice the difference in a rendering.

But is there some particular reason why you are so concerned with the file size?

The sizes that you show there for the "with fillet" version are still pretty small files in the overall scheme of things... Those are not really at a size to be particularly worried about.

Are you using a very old computer or something like that?

- Michael