MoI License on a Network

 From:  Michael Gibson
2796.2 In reply to 2796.1 
Hi Michael T, no currently MoI does not have a "floating license server" kind of mechanism to it, so there isn't any way to maintain a pool of central licenses that are checked out.

I looked into that early on, but it tends to have a high support effort associated with it since it involves setting up a license server, dealing with different network structure issues, etc...

If MoI had a high cost, like $2000+ per seat or something like that, then it would be worth it I think to go through all of that.

But with MoI's current low cost it is just not really feasible for me to get all entangled into that area...

So currently to get a bunch of people working on MoI you would just purchase one license per person and have them install it individually on each of their workstations.

- Michael