From:  Toni (TONI_GRAPPA)
my name is Toni Grappa from the german Blenderwiki Book. Recently I`m writing an article about the capacity of Nurbs modelling. Unfortunatly Blender doesn`t support Nurbs very well but I wanted to show an example of Nurbs to demonstrate what could be if Blender only had a good support...
So for this I need only one screenshot of some Nurbs modells. Unfortunatly I´m to busy even to learn the basics of Moi and for only one sreenshot it doesn`t make sence to learn everything...

Here is the article still without picture.

I have to publish every picture under GNU License, so I need the author `s name . I will integrate the name of the programm into the picture and the underlying text will have a hint to the authors name and Moi3d.

In this article you can see, how I handle things (see Indigo).

It would be very nice, if someone could do this favor for me.

Toni Grappa