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Yes interesting discussion - this is what makes Micheal so cool - he listens and discusses features with his users!

Hi Michael,

>> Well not exactly - I'm suggesting that there could possibly be just _one_ additional
>> icon for a "clines" command similar to the current plugin.

Yes I agree, but I forgot this would be new as I already have one for the script - so it wasn't additional for me :-)

>> From what I understood about what you were mentioning previously, you were asking about having a
>> cline command similar to that current custom command, and also in addition to that a completely separate
>> "lock clines" additional button... That's a 2 times increase in buttonage!

Yes you are right. I was.

>>That's even another issue that needs to be worked out - should there be a special "cline" command
>> that would let you draw in clines without needing to be within some other command to make
>> them? (this is like that custom command)

YES. Absolutely, completely separate from the on-the-fly clines.

>> Or should there be a "keep clines" button that would just let you keep the clines you have
>> created inside the current command? That's rather different.

NO, this would be a nuisance. As Will said, it is good to lay down a few guides at the start (standard drawing technique). Would be a pain if you had to kick off a command just to get some construct lines.

To re-cap:

. new command to create a persistent cline.
. clines can be moved by dragging or deleted by pressing DEL - can do this today
. clines can be manipulated via the current cline menu - menu exists today but is not implemented for persistent clines
. persistent clines can be locked/unlocked - would need 2 new commands (lock and unlock), either shortcut or icon

So this looks like 3 new commands to be added to the UI. Could be reduced down to 2 icons, add cline and lock/unlock which could work same as hide/unhide.

I have no idea how much work it would be but, for V2, I would settle for a new command to create a persistent cline that has the little re-orient menu with no icon (I can add my own if I want as long as there is a command there). There's already ways to delete all the lines, move them and delete them.


(aka HamSoles)