[Request] Line from Center point :)

 From:  -ash-
2782.21 In reply to 2782.20 
>>It's also probably not that great that when you make them stick that they can be moved so easily,
>> probably it would be better if it behaved more like a background bitmap and stayed locked in place
>> unless you went to a special command or mode to adjust them.

I like this feature as it is - I would much rather have a lock guides feature than having to go into a special mode just to quickly adjust a guide that I didn't get in quite the right place the first time. Much nicer work flow. Making them like a background bitmap is the opposite of what I would expect. Should work just the same as for objects, imagine if all objects were locked just after you added them, then you had to enter a different mode to edit them :-)

Also, all the other apps I use that have guides work that way. Full adjustment unless guides are locked. Most of them just have a global lock all guides, doesn't work on individual ones.


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