Feature Request - Multi Monitor support

 From:  Michael Gibson
2777.9 In reply to 2777.8 
> Although that could potentially lead to some breakage if people
> start using browser version dependent stuff in their CSS/HTML/JS
> and want to share their code with others.

Yeah, that's possible if someone ended up using more specialized HTML stuff.

But that's not really needed for the things that MoI uses - just the base IE6 level of stuff is actually fine for what MoI is doing. MoI just does not use it to make big intricate web pages - it's using it mostly to arrange text and controls at a kind of more granular level.

Also MoI relies more on custom drawn controls to handle quite a lot of things, rather than being totally dependent only on CSS.

> Are there legal issues with you including a copy of mshtml.dll
> in your install?

Yeah, it's pretty much classified as a system component and is not part of any redistributable package.

By default you can't just include copies of things that are copyrighted, in general you can only include things that have specifically been designated as redistributable which mshtml.dll has not been.

> I also thought that in the EU MS had agreed to stop bundling IE
> with the OS (how's that for a lot of TLA's). Seems like that could be
> a nuisance as well...

That "not bundled" thing probably means that iexplore.exe is not around, I kind of doubt that it means that all the lower level components such as mshtml.dll are not installed.

Otherwise quite a bunch of other things would stop working, like a whole bunch of help file reader stuff, etc...

- Michael