Feature Request - Multi Monitor support

 From:  Dave Morrill (DMORRILL)
2777.8 In reply to 2777.7 
> When I add it, it will probably be something like:
> moi.ui.createFrameWindow( 'filename.xml' );

OK, good.

> Actually, it will just use whatever version of mshtml.dll is currently installed, whether it is IE6, IE7, or IE8.

OK, also good to know. Although that could potentially lead to some breakage if people start using browser version dependent stuff in their CSS/HTML/JS and want to share their code with others. In particular, IE 6 is universally reviled as not being very standards compliant, while MS is touting how the opposite is true with IE 8.

Are there legal issues with you including a copy of mshtml.dll in your install? I also thought that in the EU MS had agreed to stop bundling IE with the OS (how's that for a lot of TLA's). Seems like that could be a nuisance as well...

- Dave Morrill