Feature Request - Multi Monitor support

 From:  Dave Morrill (DMORRILL)
2777.12 In reply to 2777.10 
> One good way to avoid running into this when authoring your HTML is to use quirks mode.

> That's when you don't have a <!DOCTYPE declaration before the <html> tag.

> When in quirks mode, mshtml basically maintains the same legacy behavior for things like layout and various CSS stuff, so it makes for less chance of accidentally making a dependency on a specific version of IE.

Hmm...I'm not sure I would agree with that being a "good" thing. In any case, it's not a huge deal. If someone writes a script requiring IE8, I'm sure if it's compelling enough, other people will upgrade if they need to. As you said, as long as you stick with "quirks" mode, you've insulated the MoI core from all of these issues. And I'm free to use IE 8 features in my scripts as I see fit. Sounds like win/win to me...

- Dave Morrill