Mac Parallels/Wacom/MoI Compatibility?

 From:  Ralf-S
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Hi Karl & all,

Please understand me right, it`s not my ego...or a provocation...or against PARALLELS / VMWare

We make daily support for a CAD application, and our expiriencies are:

PARALLELS and VMWare.....others
They will get better and better, that's not a question,
but for the daily & professional work/usage with 3D CAD or graphic design,
unfortunately still not suitable. ( Only for hobby usage, or some games...)

Boot Camp
With Boot Camp, the second OS running natively. ( OS X and Windows )
Disadvantage in order to change the OS -> A reboot is necessary.
Workaround: An external FAT 32 HDD

All Windows drivers work well, also our small BAMBOO`s :)