Mac Parallels/Wacom/MoI Compatibility?

 From:  Ralf-S
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Hi Karl,

I would prefer to use on an iMAC -> XP/Vista/Windows 7 only with Boot Camp. (available on the OS X Leopard installation DVD )

Parallels and VMWware Fusion... works well in the "Office area", but for professionel CAD/graphic/... applications -> unsuitable.

When I am running Vmare Fusion on my MAC PRO (OS Leopard) with both Windows 7 and windows vista the computer is terribly slow.
When I checked the graphics card on my virtual machine I am NOT getting the full power of my ATI Radeon (512mb of Vram).
Anybody know how to allocate more vram for my virtual machine?
Is this even possible?
Under the settings you can do it for memory, HD, etc. but not much can be done for the video card.

...all of the virtual video ram comes from your system's RAM...
VMware does not touch your physical video card at all.
And the maximum video ram you can allocate is 256 MB.

Note that we don't use video memory in the same way that a real video card does.
It's possible for an application to load much more than 128mb of data into your host video card despite having only 128mb visible to the guest,
we've seen games that load upwards of 400-500 mb of data into the host video card.
We sorta use the memory as a temporary place to put things until the host can pick them up and load them into host vram.