Mac Parallels/Wacom/MoI Compatibility?

 From:  Karl (KARLJ)

I'm a longtime Mac user, and former formZ user. I've grown disenchanted with formZ's high priced upgrades, dongle issues, and general clunkiness, so that has led me to seek alternatives. I like what I've seen of MoI so far, but have some questions.

My Mac is a Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz iMac with 4 GB installed RAM. I'm looking at running Windows XP Home Edition through Parallels 4.0. I have an older Wacom Intuos tablet.

Does anyone have experience with a similar set up and MoI? I'm hoping to get some feedback from users before I spend $250 for Windows and Parallels, just so I can try out MoI. Any thoughts, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!