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 From:  Michael Gibson
2771.2 In reply to 2771.1 
Hi Danny, you mean to combine 2 edges that are broken up into smaller segments instead of being one larger edge?

That's a new Merge command that is part of the latest v2 beta. It's in the commands folder already but there is not any button for it currently, so you need to set up a keyboard shortcut with Merge as the command, or type in <tab>Merge<enter> to launch it.

The edges have to be tangent where they touch each other in order to be merged, and also there can only be 2 edges touching each other at their ends to be merged, if there are 3 or more edges coming out of a vertex location those can't be merged.

You can either select the edges to be merged before running the command, or you can select the whole object which will merge all the edges that it can find that can be combined.

- Michael