obj export problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
2766.2 In reply to 2766.1 
Hi bisenberger, when n-gons are imported into a program, the program must also triangulate them for display because the actual video card hardware only takes triangles and does not understand n-gons.

That process of creating a proper triangulation is not particularly easy, and if it is not done carefully it can tend to lead to triangles leaking outside of the n-gon boundary on complex concave n-gons like you are showing there.

So what you are seeing there is a bug in the n-gon triangulation done by the Max OBJ importer.

One way to solve the problem would be to export from MoI using Output: Quads & Triangles rather than Output: N-gons .

In MoI v2, I've also added support for the FBX format, which seems to be handled by Max a lot better than other formats. So if you are using the MoI v2 beta, I would recommend trying to use FBX format rather than OBJ format, you may be able to get proper n-gon results in using that format instead.

But also for FBX make sure that you update to the latest version of the Max FBX import plugin, which is available here:

- Michael