Auto spline extrude?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2762.5 In reply to 2762.4 
Hi Rob, I'm glad that quick extrude shortcut has been useful!

> Have you any plans to create an official page of
> scripts on the moi website?

Currently Petr has collected them on his page here:

Probably at some point it would be good to make a home on the wiki for these though. Or maybe not, because maybe a better way would be to have a kind of online repository of them that you could browse with some kind of UI inside of MoI.

> Also will future versions of moi ship with the plugin gallery
> button feature that can easily be added to in a graphical way?

Yup, at some point I want to have a "plug-ins" menu that will pop up a list of plugins/scripts that you have installed. It will take a fair amount of work to do a nice version of this, so I'm not quite sure exactly when that will happen.

- Michael