Auto spline extrude?

 From:  rhodesy
Hi Michael, loving the latest beta, I keep discovering little options here and there which have helped my workflow - especially the cap end on offset and also obviously the export styles option on .obj - big step towards productivity, cant wait for groups.

I've got another request though... I find im using the draw solid option more and more for cubic shapes as it takes a step out of drawing a spline, selecting it and then extruding as I can do it all in one command. I think it would be very useful if there was a way to do this with the spline options that would kick in an extrude comand once the shape was closed. I would envision this would work the same as though you were using the extrude comand so the extrude options would appear below the spline options if a checkbox was ticked.

Does this make sense to anyone? Would this be feasible?