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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Bonjour! I hope that MoI will be useful as a method to get some more freeform and unconventional shapes into Revit for you and your students!

> Revit cant find volume (only surfaces) and so cant understand
> inside and outside to create floors.
> I dont know if is the SAT limit, Revit import limit or MOI export limit :S

Hard to say for sure, but from some previous tests, it seems that Revit's import is still in the process of being refined and you may encounter some problems with it.

For example in this previous discussion thread:

we discovered that Revit version 2009 would not import some SAT files that were handled by Revit version 2010 .

So that's one major thing - you'll probably want to make sure you have the most recent version of Revit to have the best chance.

> I dont know if Revit can export to SAT to test

This seems to be available in Revit 2010 under File (in the corner) / Export / CAD formats / SAT here:

I only have the demo version so I am unable to test it myself.

But if you are able to export an named object from Revit to SAT format and then import that into a new Revit session with the names intact, then please send that SAT file to me so I can see what will work to preserve names into Revit. If you can do a simple shape like a box that would make it easier to examine the file.

But it does not seem common to have object names stored in SAT files from what I have seen with a few tests with some other ACIS-based modeling systems (SAT is the format of the ACIS geometry kernel), so it may not be possible.

- Michael