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 From:  Michael Gibson
2761.4 In reply to 2761.3 
Hi Pilou, I've sent a message to the developer who makes the SAT libraries that I use to see if it is possible for names to be supported.

I don't know yet if that is a limitation in SAT or a limitation in the library. If it is a limitation in SAT there may not be anything to do about it, but if it is a limitation in the library then that may be able to be improved.

Do they have any simple example files of SAT files from other programs that do have their names come through when imported into Revit? If so then if they could send it to me ( that may help to figure out how the name is supposed to be set in the file so that Revit can see it. A simple file such as just a box or something would be best to make it easier to examine the file.

- Michael