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 From:  manz
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Hi Danny,

>>That's surprising, I find *.step to be the most robust translator when importing into Industrial 3d CAD programs, I find it the next best translator to parasolid *.x_t

Inventor will not import an exported Step file from MOI, even a cube gives error. Step AP203 from SW imports (on quick tests) OK.

I have been looking at importing a Sat file from Viacad(Acis) into Revit(demo), anything above sat V7 gives error, below V7 does import, but not an expected result, as example, a cube is imported as a rounded cube.

Looking at Inventor, that will import sat from MOI and sat V7 (and below) from Viacad(sat above V7 from Viacad is reported as "not supported")

- Steve