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 From:  Michael Gibson
2761.11 In reply to 2761.10 
Hi Igor - It's pretty much impossible for me to do anything about that without having some examples of problems...

All the previous examples that you sent went into the new Revit 2010 fine, if you remember there was a discussion thread about that back here:

So far I have not received any other examples of problem files.

The last problems that you sent in that thread above that did not come into Revit 2009 but did go into Revit 2010 also were properly formed SAT files that loaded into other SAT-based modelers without any problems. So as far as I could tell, Revit seems to have a pretty fragile importer that is still being worked on quite a bit, since there were definite improvements in version 2010.

It seems that Rhino will alter the geometry when you save to SAT to split closed surfaces into 2 joined halves, maybe there is something in Revit that does not handle closed surfaces well or something like that.

But I can only speculate when I only hear rumors of problems rather than having actual files that I can test with.

- Michael