Format SAt

 From:  igor
Hi Мichael

So far i can attest that moi is pretty useless for us architects - for just one bitter point - inability to export versatile sats,

of course Revit has its limitations with sat importer, but somehow every other program managed to produce sats that actually work - some adjustments in geometry interpretation for sats might have been implemented or sat export libs convert apps data to a generally accepted format don't know - you could have been more accurate in understanding

I hate to use rhino for its being overly complex - but i cannot recommend my colleagues moi as a brilliant alternative - amd they keep on asking..

Our tests went on very primitive shapes - and if we go a little further and make a more or less complex vase for instance - its a complete no go for moi exporter no matter what revit ver is used 10 or 9 - I revert to rhino and make everything from scratch again - and then it imports correctly

being able to interchange nurbs between apps is very important..
even if take such a poorly dосumented format as sat.. We have rhino example which has no problems with sat and Autocad and any other app// - but MoI unfortunatelly has//

Well this is a pain to realise that such outstanding tool as MoI cannot be put to proper use in my field of practice. I'd say that 90% of all my modeling might go to MoI

From a marketing standpoint it also could be a mistake, cause even a small portion of revit users alone can vastly extend moi user database / and revit users have no choice for gods'sake but rhino

As for tests - try importing one of your own more or less complex models into revit (trial if you still have it) and see the result.