Meshing and Render colors

 From:  Micha
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Hi Jørgen,

welcome at the MoI meshing for Rhino user. ;)

I can't help you for your post, but maybe you can help here or you know somebody who can do it (script for better meshing import):

At this thread you find a usefull MoI script tool that can be used with Rhino buttons. Here my Rhino button scripts for this MoI script:

for export:
_-export "d:\temp\#moi.3dm" _enter _enter
_-run "C:\Program Files (x86)\MOI 2.0\MOIConvert.cmd"

for import:
_-import "d:\temp\#moi.obj" _enter
_QuadrangulateMesh _enter

Tomorrow I start in vacation so I can't post the next weeks.


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