Punch holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Angelo, just one other note - that Pipe command will be useful for making tubes around many curves but it is also not very friendly as far as being able to interrupt the process while it is chugging away.

So you probably should use it on one simple curve piece to start with so you can figure out what radius would be good to use, and then do a bigger batch after that.

It looks like many of your larger curves have tight bends and sharp corners in them in different areas, that will probably make some of them not suitable for piping directly, but if you trim things down to smaller pieces just near the slab like I showed earlier that will likely give you a much better shot.

You're still probably going to have some difficulties with some of the more complex pieces that may have many corners, segments, or tight bends in them.

It's possible that for some complex pieces you may need to make an approximation of the hole by drawing in a cylinder aligned with the tangent of the curve where it intersects the median plane of your slab.

- Michael