Punch holes

 From:  angven (ANGELO)
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Hi Burr, Hi Michael

The people that machine my pieces uses a Meca router and Laser cutter.
The proprietary Cam sofware is something like "Type3"...
The workflow they uses is Solidworks / some 2D export / Type3

I usually send 2D Illustrator files. But now, with MOI, I'm "thinking" 3D.
(I hate to delegate, I love to put my hands in all the stages of the work. But this is limiting) So... using MOI I tried to export to illustrator and after some revision send the files. I tried this on this file:


And I had some minor problems.
If I export all the pieces, with the superposition of different objects, they lines will be indistinguishable. Each object was transformed in a collection of "unglued" lines. I had to export one by one. Not a big problem. But... It exports a screen shot of the 3D. I had to choose the top surface and clean the lines of the bottom surface.

(Michael don't waste you time with this file, I dismiss this project, actually I redone it)

So I decided to delegate and send the 3dm file to a young guy, full of time and energy to read the file in Solidworks and do the rest of the job. (But I think that next time I will go till the end!)