Punch holes

 From:  angven (ANGELO)
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Hi Burr,

>Are you an artist or a scientist?

I'm a 55 years old artist. And I love some cross sections between the way new things came alive in science and in art. The way that a "invention" coagulates from given knowledge but also from an invisible stream, articulated in background. Silently.
I am assembling structures a little bit from an organic reference, but not representational, from the eighties.

Like this big piece in corten steel. This was done in a PVC model, directly cut with a jigsaw. The corten piece was build in a shipyard. Acetylene cut, an old machine with an optical "reader".

Some years after I've been cutting and reassembling some given organic objects, like a femur head. This one I saw a plaster model them I scanned the slabs and use the blend function in Illustrator to create intermediate pieces as I can't saw thin slices.

If you have interest here are some visual information: www.angelovenosa.com