Punch holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Angelo,

> Another BTW: How can I export from MOI the "flatten"
> project to be understood by the router? Something tell me
> that this is a silly question : )

Like Burr mentions, what format you send can vary depending on exactly what hardware/software your service is using.

Some may be able to take in a 3D CAD file, such as 3DM, IGES, or STEP, but others may expect to get a 2D illustrator file. For those ones you would get your flattened curves arranged in one of the ortho Top/Front/Right views and then use the AI format export out of MoI to save a 2D snapshot of your curves from one of those views. There is an option that pops up for AI export for which view to use.

Some programs may want to take in flattened curves in the world XY (Top) plane in DXF format. MoI does not currently have a direct export to DXF but there is a 3DM to DXF curve converter here which you can use to get curve data from MoI into DXF format.

But you'll need to ask your service which format they require.

If they are able to take a 3DM file then that would be the one to prefer.

- Michael