Punch holes

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Angelo,

>>>>>BTW: How can I export from MOI the "flatten" project to be understood by the router? : )

This depends on the software your machinist has. If he has 3d Cam software, most likely you just send him the 3DM file, along with an understanding of what you want, and his software does what you need. (There are a few other export formats that MoI does that he may ask for. IGES, STEP...etc.) If he requests a format you arent sure of, post back here as there are many that can help.

The assembly of this piece seems it would need to happen at "design time" ( wires formed while inserting into plexiglass). A very cool project. Are you an artist or a scientist?

Its amazing the different methods/approaches people use (Grendels is very cool).

I have a stange feeling that MoI can do "ANYTHING".

Thanks Michael.

BTW: Angelo, you use english well.